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27 November 2021 with George Saber - San Juan, PR

About The Event

A three-hour classroom-style workshop with click-by-click instructions and follow-along guidance to give you the practical skills to navigate financial markets. Learn the most optimal methods to pinpoint when and where to interact with any asset class - on any timeframe. When to buy, when to sell and when to do nothing.


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San Juan, PR
Online (via Zoom)


November 27, 2021
1:00pm - 4:00pm AST (UTC -4)
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You'll Walk Away With

Specialized knowledge of asset price movements and a stronger trading strategy.

The "two-click system" to reading charts like a professional.

Learn how to analyze and interact with precision to manage your trades - whether in a swing trade, short-term day trade, or trend trading;
Learn how to predict potential targets, where pivots naturally and effortlessly occur in markets, and how to properly evaluate assets in price discovery.

Learn to confirm what you’re seeing using simple supplementary indicators to assess the strength of a move.

And where to long, where to short-sell, when to hedge, and where to place optimal stop loss levels for risk management.

Who Is It For

For traders and market participants of all levels, who want to add edge to your market interactions.

This workshop is ideal for individuals with little-to-no previous technical analysis knowledge.
Information and methods learned during the workshop are applicable to all asset classes and on all time-frames.

Requirements to attend:

    • Free/Basic Account (instructions to access will provided upon registration)
    • Your own laptop + charger
    • No previous trading or technical analysis knowledge needed

Counting Down

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This Workshop Will Cover

This 3-hour hands-on click-by-click workshop will cover the relevance and use of fibonacci retracements in markets.

Specific skills you will learn include:

  • The Fib tool:
    Settings, levels, colors, and Saber’s unique levels and edits.
  • Comprehensive 2-click trading system
  • Fibonacci retracements methods
    Bullish and bearish retracements
  • Fibonacci extension methods
    Bullish and bearish extensions
  • Confirmations
  • Ranges and failure swings
  • Interaction levels
  • Building Fibonacci blueprints

About the Speaker

George Saber, Market Technician

George Saber is a market technician and founder with broad experience in all aspects of technical analysis, finance, cryptocurrency, market trends, and biz dev for businesses powered by the digitization of information and value.

George has a propensity to predict and publish on incoming market swings. Among his notable predictions are the:

  • 2019 Gold Bull Run. In March of 2019 George published the "Cat is Out of The Golden Bag" a short Technical Analysis piece on gold, and how the asset class was poised to break out and enter a new bullish era.
  • 2019 Bitcoin Bull Break. The market saw the candle from $3,800 to $5,400 just 2 days after George's publication.
  • COVID crash, using fibs and in December of 2019. Saber published a paper calling the rally the market was experiencing as speculative, and to brace for a multi-week liquidity move in all asset prices type of crash.

He is the founder of Coin Observatory LLC that focuses on large opportunities in several markets, for more big swing trades as often as the markets allow. George will teach you how to trade the major market swings and avoid the noise, for bigger returns while minimizing losses.

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